Air pollution
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Air pollution deaths are double previous estimates, finds research

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Pre-diabetes makes patients out of healthy people, say critics

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Celebrities help the £500 vitamin jab go mainstream

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Parkinson’s patients have tubes placed in brain in protein study

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Measles outbreak sparks concerns over anti-vaccination movement

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Superdrug to give mental health checks to anyone wanting Botox

Liver transplant
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Liver transplant ‘game changing’ treatment approved

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Ebola WARNING: Outbreak could spiral out of control – expert reveals ‘WORST CASE SCENARIO’

mental illness
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I work as a GP and feel powerless to treat patients with mental illness

wellness expert
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Health advice for the New Year from a real wellness expert

lung transplant
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THAT’S NUTS Woman ‘catches peanut allergy’ from donor after lung transplant

Flu cases
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Flu cases have Quebec hospitals ‘bursting at the seams’

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A surge in the number of vegans is storing up health problems for the wealthy West

night owl
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The health risks of being a night owl

High heels
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How fashion trends could harm your health

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How to talk politics at your family holiday meal this year