New brain region ‘could be what makes humans unique’

Due to technological advancements in recent years, medical science has made huge leaps — many with vast implications for medical and neuroscientific research.

For instance, scientists devised an innovative method that allowed them to record a million neurons at once, as well as to decode neural activity in real time.

The techniques gave researchers access to meaningful data within milliseconds.

Cutting-edge data processing techniques such as these mean that we are able to dive deeper into the depths of our brains — an organ with 100 billion neurons and an astonishing processing power that we are only beginning to understand.

A new discovery has revealed a part of the human brain that was unknown until now. Prof. George Paxinos, an anatomist with Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) — an independent medical research institute in Sydney — has suspected the existence of a new brain area for 3 decades.

The researcher, who specializes in brain mapping, has only now been able to confirm his suspicions, with the help of innovative staining and brain imaging techniques.

Prof. Paxinos has called the brain area Endorestiform Nucleus, and he detailed his discovery in his book Human Brainstem: Cytoarchitecture, Chemoarchitecture, Myeloarchitecture.

Author: Cammy

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