In the Women Who Travel Meetups: San Francisco

We’re visiting cities around the world to celebrate Women Who Travel-here’s the scoop out of this month’s meetup.

In July 2017, we launched an Fb group called Women Who Travel, targeted at being truly space for all self-identifying women to talk about their travel tales, offer advice, and form a community of like-minded women. Today, we’re some 115,000 members strong and we’re taking our Facebook group on the highway. Welcome to Females Who Travel Meetups!

Here’s the lowdown: Every month, we search for a different town to meet up our group members IRL to talk everything travel. Our most recent stop? SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. Well, sort of. We decided to sponsor the soirée on the far side of the Bay Bridge in Oakland’s hip Temescal community, with attendees via both metropolitan areas (and a few hours beyond). We like San Francisco, but we couldn’t help but appearance east where points are shifting, shaking, and rumbling-with a power entirely its. The picture in Oakland feels as though flowers pressing through a crack in the sidewalk: it certainly is been there, however now, “THE CITY,” as its affectionately known as by locals, is producing everyone gives consideration. We knew there is no better spot to collect our vanguard band of women.

Regional brewery Roses’ Taproom took all of us in for the night time: This husband and wife-owned space is only a year aged but has already turned into a hub for the city. Roses’ central area on buzzing Telegraph Avenue managed to get an easy sell, actually for community users who drove from further towns like Santa Cruz. It’s sidled against local organizations like Bakesale Betty, a no-frills fried poultry sandwich mainstay (operate by the ever-present blue-haired Betty herself), and the female-owned Mexican cafe Doña Tomás. It is also coming from the purchasing alcove Temescal Alley (a cozy assortment of shops like Baggu and Homestead Apothecary, plus regional boutiques just like the Marisa Mason jewelry shop). The bar itself invites anyone and everyone in-and upon this special event, they happily hosted us. We’d trouble to pull ourselves from the offerings at Roses’, therefore we ordered some little plates (don’t skip the tinned Portuguese sardines), a freshly brewed pint, and tucked in.

Much like every meetup, the discussion bubbling around the dusty rose-colored space was the highlight. We got the low-down about acquiring an around-the-globe trip from one group member, Jessica, who recently returned in one with her spouse and their three small children. Megan, however, is about to attempt her own circumnavigating experience. We also noticed the within scoop on Airbnb’s amazing SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA offices-each meeting room is usually a recreation of an Airbnb all over the world, member and worker Ada shared-and gushed over our fantasy locations for 2019. (Daniela and I are both decided to access Senegal this season).

Although devastating California wildfires had still left the whole city with the poor quality of air, we were amazed at how many of our members placed on hazard masks, walked out their front doors, and arrived to talk travel. At every meetup, we’re impressed by such a solid, shared enthusiasm for travel-but seeing just how many females wouldn’t let anything keep them the house was a reminder of what Ladies Who Travel is about.

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