How fashion trends could harm your health

Trying to be fashion conscious can harm your health. Listed below are 5 things that may go wrong.

While we all like to flaunt the most recent in fashion and appearance our best, some style trends end up being harmful to our health in the long run. Which is why it is crucial to be mindful while embracing certain styles which might cause you more damage than good.

High Heels

Just as much as they are loved simply by women, high heel shoes are also painful. In addition, they pose certain health threats that are hard to ignore over time. Dr. Rahul Shah, orthopedic cosmetic surgeon, Bhatia Hospital, says, “ High heels typically lack cushioning, which can result in local callosities. These circumstances may become quite serious in the event that you don’t provide your feet an opportunity to heal. As your back heel rises up in a high-heeled shoe, excess weight is transferred even more to your forefoot. Wearing heels all too often can also lead to metatarsalgia, which really is a painful kind of inflammation occurring in the ball of the foot because of this of repeated pressure on the metatarsal bone (bones in the ball of the feet). High heel shoes can also result in pain in leading of the knee. They can also cause sprains. Back again pain is another concern associated with high heel shoes.”

Toxic Fabrics

Chemically treated fabrics such as acrylic, nylon, and rayon aren’t summer-friendly, in fact, it is better to avoid wearing them in Mumbai’s hot, humid weather. Dr. Shuba Dharmana, skin doctor, says, “Synthetic fabrics such as for example polyester, nylon and rayon are created with the best concentration of toxic chemical substances, which are dangerous for your skin. Also, these materials don’t allow your skin layer to breathe and trap sweat, that may lead to the accumulation of bacteria, odor, and various other diseases.”


Women have already been wearing corsets for a long time, to attain the hourglass physique and a flawlessly cinched waistline. But putting on tight-fitting corsets just risk our health and wellness. Dr. Shah clarifies, “A tightly put on corset could cause perspiration which may result in irritation, dry pores, and skin and actual numbness over the future. The stomach may change beyond the amount of diaphragm leading to increased chances of acid reflux and acid reflux disorder. Digestion could become difficult because of the compression of corset over the stomach area. A good corset also outcomes in the reduction in oxygen intake leading to breathlessness.”

Skinny Jeans

Who doesn’t like their couple of skinny jeans? But it’s also an acknowledged fact they can be extremely uncomfortable to wear. Putting on them for prolonged periods likewise, have their own negatives. Dr. Shah says,” Skinny jeans can cause local fungal contamination in the groin region as tight-fitting clothes trap dampness from sweat, creating a perfect environment for fungus to develop. In men, it can cause strain on the testicles leading to low sperm count or even testicular torsion – a condition triggered because of rotation of the testis. Skinny jeans may also trigger numbness or discomfort in the external thigh resulting in neuralgia. Tight clothing could cause more bloodstream to pool in the hip and legs or decelerate the blood circulation. They are able to also put extreme pressure upon the low abdomen.

Heavy Earrings

They really complement attires however they also cause deterioration of the earlobe piercing and may lead to stretching of the earlobe, if worn regularly and for longer hours. Dr. Rinky Kapoor, a Cosmetic Skin doctor and Dermatosurgeon, says, “Large earrings can cause pressure on the hearing lobules. The piercing in the ear lobules can enlarge, which can result in tearing. Occasionally, actually, if the earlobe is usually stitched up surgically, there is a development of a solid, itchy scar known as ‘keloid’ that may keep increasing in proportions. There is absolutely no effective treatment for the same and you can need to live with it permanently.”

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