Etihad passenger aircraft returns to Manchester Airport terminal after mid-air problem

Passengers have already been evacuated from a plane at Manchester Airport carrying out a technical issue experienced in mid-air, soon after take-off.

Etihad Airways air travel EY22 to Abu Dhabi left Manchester in 19:28 GMT but returned to the airport 30 minutes later.

One passenger claimed about Facebook there has been a little fire behind the plane.

The airport confirmed that fire engines had met the plane but no-one was hurt.

A spokeswoman said: “The airline flight returned to the airport terminal. Fire motors met the plane consistent with normal procedure.”

Passenger Graham Ecclestone wrote on Facebook: “Became popular. Ten minutes later crisis landing backs Manchester.

“Plane got little fire at back again. On ground secure, fire engines attending.”

The airline has confirmed only that there is “a technical issue”.

Author: Cammy

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